Plastic Surgery Patient Dies After Procedure at Weston Cosmetic Surgery Center

Less than two weeks removed from a New Times cover story exposing the deaths at one of South Florida's most popular plastic surgery centers, the cops are looking into a suspicious death that occurred Saturday after a woman stopped breathing during a cosmetic surgery procedure at another plastic surgery joint.

Maria Shortall, a 38-year-old Davie resident, stopped breathing around 3 p.m. Saturday while having a procedure done at Alyne Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Weston.

Shortall was taken by paramedics to the Cleveland Center Hospital, where she was pronounced dead around 4 p.m.

The case is currently being investigated by homicide detectives of the Broward Sheriff's Office, although they're not providing much detail.

An autopsy was performed yesterday by the county medical examiner, and the cause of death is currently pending.

Homicide detectives aren't going to release specifics about the procedure done on Shortall until further in the investigation, the BSO's Veda Coleman-Wright says in a statement.

Given the involvement of the county's homicide squad, it looks like the BSO might have a decent suspicion of what happened during Shortall's procedure.

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