Prima Facie: Theobald For Sheriff

When the Miami Herald published small bios on the nine guys -- and they're all guys -- vying for the Broward sheriff's job, a commenter wrote:

"A bunch of has-beens, failed private-practice legal hacks, and obscure bureaucrats living off the public this the best the Search Committee can do?????"

Seriously. Nick Navarro? They're going to foist 2 Live Crew's old nemesis on us? As if Broward isn't all ready enough of a national laughingstock.

I apply a process of elimination to the list. First, no one affiliated with BSO under Jenne should be considered. Sorry Thompson and Lamberti (though there is a Hollywood chief's position opening up for the latter). Certainly nobody ensconsed at the Broward County courthouse should stand a chance, so Elijah Williams and Peter Weinstein should keep their robes on.

Rick LeMack? Uh-uh. He came up in one of the most corrupt agencies around, H-wood PD. No chance. Also scratch off anybody who has never been a cop, to which we say sayonara to Udolf and Stermer (as if any intelligent person would ever consider a Weston commissioner for the job).

So that leaves us with Glenn Theobald (pictured above), who would be my pick from the motley list. He's a cop who knows the value of education and the law (having gotten his master's and law degree while serving on the Miami PD). From what I've seen, he has a great record in terms of community relations when he was running the Miami-Dade PD Intracoastal station. He's a Republican and you have to be pretty sure Crist is going to pick a GOPer. And most importantly he comes into the agency with a clean slate.

Yeah, he's our guy.

UPDATED: As a commenter noted below, it doesn't look like the poker player and the cop are the same guy. There is a a pic of a Glenn Theobald that doesn't seem to match that of the counsel-cop. Here's the weird part: When I saw that the poker player Theobald lives in Pembroke Pines, I checked the property appraiser's website and found that a Glenn R. Theobald owns a house in the Pines. Then I checked and found that Theobald the cop's middle initial is R. What are the odds? Anyway, I thought that further recommended him even more highly for the job -- and to answer another commenter's question, there's nothing illegal about what the poker player Theobald is doing.


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