Professor: Homeless Populations Exist Because Power Is Concentrated Among the Rich

Evan Rowe is an adjunct professor at Broward College.

Fort Lauderdale has garnered some national headlines -- we made the New York Times today -- with the recent anti-homeless laws that the City Commission enacted that basically serve as an attempt to remove the undesirables from downtown.

But there is no way to deal with the homeless problem without first dealing with the problem of concentrated power. The problem with poverty is that it is inversely related to concentrated wealth.

You cannot produce sizable working poor and homeless people unless you tolerate an arrogant rich minority to live with entirely too much power at everyone else's expense. The homeless population is predicated on the power of the few being enhanced over the many. And it is in fact the majority of the working population, along with the homeless population, that exists to support this class.

So, to have the city hyperobsessing over homelessness rather than dealing with the arrogant minority as the cause is absurd but also common in a political system in which the majority has almost no control over the political system in any meaningful way.

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Evan Rowe
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