Race Tightening?

Polls are all over the place in the governor's race. The Miami Herald has Charlie Crist with a commanding ten-point lead (with a poll conducted by reputable Zogby International), but SurveyUSA has the race between Crist and Jim Davis in a virtual dead heat (via Taeg0n Goddard's PoliticWire):

"In an election for Governor of Florida today, 11/5/06, 48 hours till polls close, Democrat Jim Davis has caught Republican Charlie Crist, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for WFLA-TV Tampa, WTLV-TV Jacksonville, and WKRG-TV Pensacola. In September, Crist led by 8. In October, Crist Led by 13. Today, at the wire, Crist leads by 2, 49% to 47%, sufficiently within the poll's 3.8 percent margin of sampling error that the contest should now be re-classified as a toss-up. Momentum is with the Democrat, though neither SurveyUSA nor any other of the 8 other pollsters working this contest have shown Davis with a lead in 3 dozen opinion polls released since May 2006. Hold on to your hat."

After the jump: Is Crist Really In Favor of Civil Unions Between Gays? Nah.

It's important to read this piece in the Daily Business Review by Harris Meyer, who calls the lie on Crist's position on civil unions:

After months of saying he supports civil unions between same-sex couples, Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist has significantly narrowed the definition of what he means.

Asked Thursday whether his support for civil unions is consistent with his backing for a proposed anti-gay marriage amendment to the Florida Constitution, a campaign spokeswoman said Crist opposes state-approved civil unions.

"Charlie Crist ... believes that private individuals may enter contractual relationships with each other; however, he does not support the state extending marital benefits to nontraditional couples," Crist spokeswoman Erin Isaac said in an e-mail to the Daily Business Review.

That's not what most gay rights supporters mean by civil unions. Crist's statement surprised the head of the Orlando chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans, a gay Republican organization.

"Charlie Crist has adamantly said he supports civil unions," said Patrick Howell, an Orlando attorney who supports Crist. "He needs to put his money where his mouth is and get a constitutional amendment to create unions."

This is SO typical of Crist, who wants to have it both ways on everything (and I do mean everything). For instance, he stood by the president and the Iraq War during the Hardball debate, but won't stand by the president and Iraq War today. (By the way, the political reporters at the St. Pete Times -- anchored by Steve Bousquet and Adam Smith -- are blogging like crazy about the election at the Buzz. It's worth it to check it every now and then.)

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