Racism in Riviera?

The Riviera Beach Municipal Marina is a happening place. Houseboat resident and political activist extraordinaire Fane Lozman beat the city in stirring First Amendment case last week after a jury decided that the city's attempt to evict him from Slip 452 was a violation of Lozman's freedom of speech (say what you will, but I actually testified in that case). Now the Pulp has learned that allegations of racism and mismanagement are dogging new marina director Doug Mason.

Dockmaster Willis Williams tells the Pulp that he has filed several complaints with city manager's office regarding allegations that Mason has used racial slurs and been abusive to the predominantly black staff at the marina.

"This is a totally racist person," says Williams, who works directly under Mason, manages the marina, and personally oversees eight employees. "He wants to run a Gestapo-type

marina and he treats employees like shit. I have communicated on numerous occasions to the city manager's office that he is a racist. He has gone as far as using the N-word on a few occasions. I heard him say it, he didn't know I was listening. He said 'these niggers' referring to all the black guys that work at the marina."

Another marina worker, who asked not to be identified, told the Pulp of Mason: "He's prejudiced big-time. All of staff feel that. He'll stand ten feet away from people and he screams and yells instead of handling it professionally. It's stressful. We're uncomfortable and we know he's prejudiced."

A phone message left with Mason this morning has gone unreturned. Williams says the city is investigating the complaints.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.