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Raymond Frolander Ordered to Undergo HIV Testing

Last month, we brought you the crazy-sad tale of Raymond Frolander, an 18-year-old Daytona man who was beaten unconscious by the father of a young victim Frolander allegedly raped.

According to the arrest affidavit, the father of the alleged victim had walked in on Frolander sexually abusing the 11-year-old child. The father proceeded to beat Frolander to a pulp. At the time of his arrest, Frolander said he was guilty. Under questioning, Frolander told investigators he had been molesting the boy for three years.

But days after that, he officially pleaded not guilty.

Now, with the father revealing how the family has been wrecked over the alleged incident and a Facebook page emerging claiming Frolander's innocence, comes a report that Frolander has been ordered to take an HIV test.

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Frolander, who has been held without bail in the Volusia County Jail since July 18, has been ordered by the State Attorney's Office to take the test via a request by the victim's father, Jason Browning.

According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Browning made the request because he wants to know if Frolander passed something on to his son.

Browning, 35, has not been charged.

According to Click Orlando, Browning says the family has been in turmoil ever since the incident.

"Our family is ripped apart. My daughters don't even know how to hug or kiss their brother anymore," he told them.

Following the incident, Browning solicited donations to help his son's emotional recovery.

Browning admitted that he at one point thought of killing Frolander. He says he went into the kitchen to grab a knife. Instead, he put down the knife and kicked and punched Frolander until Browning's son pleaded for him to stop.

"I didn't proceed to ask him any questions, sir," Browning told a dispatcher when he called police following the bearing. "He is nice and knocked out on the floor for you. I drug him out to the living room."

When Browning was asked if any weapons were involved, he replied, "My foot and my fist."

Meanwhile, a Facebook page titled "Raymond Frolander Is Innocent" has emerged and has begun to claim not only of Frolander's innocence but that the Daytona Beach Police are corrupt.

The page also posted a photo of Browning and what appears to be his wife, challenging his asking for donations:

In another photo, the Facebook page mocks Browning's attempts at getting donations.

It's unclear who put together the Facebook page, but the apparent evidence (which amounts to links to articles) the page gives to prove Frolander's innocence is flimsy.

The Facebook page does say that Browning sent them a photo he took of Frolander lying on the floor bloody and unconscious.

Frolander will have a pretrial hearing in September, with a trial scheduled to begin sometime in November.

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