Reality Television Too Late to Make a Star of Stefanie Woods

I'm not going to get on a soapbox and complain about unimaginative, exploitative reality television shows. But I do feel entitled to complain when they're not even good at being unimaginative and exploitative. If they were, they would have recognized the star power of Stefanie Woods right after the 17-year-old helped swipe an envelope of cash from a girl scout -- the one in the video above.

The same video contains an interview with Woods, who with her friend expresses not just an absence of remorse but anger over having to pay back the money she stole, fair and square. A reality-TV diva was born, and when you factor in Woods' good looks, she should have had a contract for a reality-TV show on her 18th birthday.

The consequences of TV executives' inaction? Woods, now 19, was left to her own devices and is now charged with collaborating in a scheme to rob an alleged drug dealer.

Now don't get me wrong. I'd be just as appalled as you if I learned that Woods had landed a reality-TV gig. "What kind of role model is she to the young people of America?" I would harrumph.

In fact, I'd be so offended by this rank exploitation, I wouldn't be able to forget exactly what time and at what station the program would appear. Then, during the commercial break, I would say, "Man! I'm so angry, I think I will order Pizza Hut -- if only to cheer myself up."

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