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Rick Scott Has Used $80,000 in Taxpayer Money to Fix Up Governor's Mansion

Oh, that Rick Scott. Champion of the GOPers and conservative government ideals. He's all about small government, you see. Cutting back on frivolous spending and slashing government so that corporations can get tax breaks and the middle class gets screwed more jobs can be magically created.

Scott is all about helping us taxpayers. He doesn't want to put a strain on our wallets and have us foot the bill for affordable health insurance for people who really need it.

He does, apparently, want us to foot the bill for his governor's mansion.

Oh yes, $80,000 of our tax dollars have gone to making improvements to Scott's mansion.


Among the things being paid for at the Scottses' humble giant abode at 700 N. Adams St. in Tallahassee: the cleaning of Oriental rugs and the refinishing of oak flooring.

Renovations also include new wallpaper, pillows, furniture, drapes, window repairs, new screens for the swimming pool, and kitchen upgrades.

Scott will likely claim (VIA A STATEMENT!) that this money is usually set aside for the home anyway.

And sure, that might be true. The governor's mansion needs to be kept tidy and clean, such as the lawn and other amenities.

But Oriental rugs and oak floor finishing and marble tabletops for the kitchen really don't fall under that category.

A lot of the dough Scott has spent on the house has also come from his rich buddies and lobbyists. So it's not just us regular folk who have worked so hard to make sure he has nice Oriental rugs.

According to records from the Governor's Mansion Foundation, U.S. Sugar, Florida Crystals, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida have each donated $100,000 so Scott can make sure the Greek columns look super Greek-y.

And of course, with rich people being known for their wellspring of generosity, we're positive that these were just gifts with no intentions of having Scott paying them back in any way, shape, or form (but if he wants to keep giving them tax breaks and make sure Obamacare doesn't come to Florida and screw with their slice of the giant pie, that would be totally cool, bro).

According to records, the amount of tax money being spent on Scott's mansion the past three years far exceeds what was spent between 2007 and 2011, when Charlie Crist was governor.

Meanwhile, Scott is pledging to cut another $100 million in things he deems "government waste" this coming year. You know, the very same year he plans to run to get another term so he can keep on living in a house where you paid for his brand-new drapes.


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