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Rick Scott's Trip to Israel: "Trade Mission" or Political Vacation?

Going through the list of Florida's top 50 trading partners -- compiled by Enterprise Florida -- you may notice Israel sure isn't on the list.

Apparently, Florida engages in more trade activity with countries like Guyana, the Netherlands, and Malaysia.

Call us crazy, but with a 26 percent approval rating, it looks like the governor's trip to Israel is more of a political stunt than a "trade mission," as his office describes it.

There was a press release waiting for us from the governor's office this morning -- "Governor Scott Visits the Western Wall During Israeli Trade Mission."

That's probably not where the jobs are at.

Seriously -- he hasn't even recycled a previous jobs announcement to validate this trip, like he did with Canada and Brazil.

Here's how to the governor's office is describing the "trade mission":

Accompanied by members of the delegation, Governor Scott was greeted by Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, the Rabbi of the Western Wall and the holy sites of Israel. During his visit to the Western Wall, Governor Scott also got a tour of the Kotel Tunnels and participated in Sabbath prayers.

"It was an honor to visit the Western Wall this week. I was incredibly moved to have the opportunity to pray at such a holy and significant site," said Governor Scott. "The Jewish community makes invaluable contributions to our state and nation's spiritual diversity, and it has been a humbling experience to visit this and other important sites to their faith and history."

Let's hear from you, dear readers. Is this a "trade mission" or a political vacation for the governor?

Cast your vote below:

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