Rothstein Auction: Need a $5,000 Pen?

Today, the Fisher Auction Co. gave us a preview of the Scott Rothstein auction, which is a testament of the wonderful things that other people's money can buy. Let's start with Rothstein's cognac bottle. Your narrator is eloquent and knowledgable Louis "Benny" Fisher,  founder of the auction company and father of Pompano Mayor Lamar Fisher. 



Hit the jump for more vids.  

Here Fisher talks about the desk "from behind [Rothstein] ran his empire. Specifically he talks about electronic controls in the law firm where he monitored the law firm. "It was all at his fingertips; you could touch a button -- it was true 007," he said.



Here's some of the office furniture, including an alligator couch and a fleet of $8,000 office chairs for which he paid an additional $45,000 to have shipped in a week early.


The following video concerns a painting that hung in Scott Rothstein's office that concealed an 80-inch television and Rothstein's spy equipment. 

 And finally there's the sports memorabilia -- including a game net used in the 2006 Heat championship series against Dallas -- and a piece of the game floor from one of University of Florida's basketball championships. Then you have the political photos, which are now fairly familiar. It concludes with Rothstein's $5,000 pen (yeah, one of those things you write with).

Today's videographer, by the way, was research assistant Lyn Evans (not to be confused with unofficial RA Christy, though both do great work). Thanks to Benny Fisher for a well-told tour.



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