Rothstein Daughter Another of His Victims

We get posts about Scott Rothstein's daughter occasionally, and I think now is an opportune time to set the story straight.

First off, Rothstein's 16-year-old daughter is another victim of Rothstein's, plain and simple, and has been traumatized by recent events. The story goes like this: Last year, after years of neglect, Rothstein persuaded the mother of his daughter (I'm not going to put her name here and ask that you all do the same) to move back to Fort Lauderdale from Northern Florida. He bought a $500,000 house under under one of his WAWW companies last November at 2133 Imperial Point Drive for his daughter and her mother to live in, claiming he would put the property in

a trust for his daughter. Of course, in true Rothstein style, he never did (not that it would matter now).

Basically, Rothstein was a deadbeat dad from the beginning, when his daughter's mother took him to court with a paternity suit. He boasted to me about his daughter and how well he took care of her, but I have learned that wasn't the case. Basically, his daughter was another prop, meant to show the world that he was a good family man so he could help sucker more people into his dizzying orbit. He would spend time with her when he thought it would benefit him, sources tell me, but otherwise it was a sea of neglect.

When his Ponzi scheme unraveled and he went to Morocco, his daughter and her mother had no idea anything was wrong. Then, after his return, he sent an email to them telling them they had to get out of the house immediately (which he had transferred to a new company, 2133 IP LLC, in August). His daughter was abruptly removed from the private school where Rothstein enrolled her and they had to move back north with nothing but their possessions. I'm told that Kim Rothstein paid for the moving van, at least.

Even on the life insurance policy, his daughter didn't make the first cut. She's listed only as a secondary beneficiary, which means she's for all intents and purposes removed from the money. Oh, and all that talk of providing 24-hour police and bodyguard security for his daughter? Didn't happen.

Photo of Morse With Cigar From Rothstein's Office

​-- I am getting the idea that everyone, except perhaps his parents, were nothing but props for Rothstein. For instance, I'

m trying to learn as much as I can about Rothstein's relationship with car dealership scion Ted Morse, since I believe that without Morse, his rise to the billion-dollar-plus level would have been impossible. And everything I've learned indicates that Morse was nothing but a mark for Rothstein. For instance, when Morse had hip replacement surgery several years ago (perhaps in 2003), Rothstein came to his bedside, and I'm told his performance was phenomenal. He wept over Morse and prayed out loud, making a dramatic scene that had a strong impact on the often-inscrutable and hard-to-know Morse.

From that moment on, Rothstein and Morse were top chums. Morse's favorite pastime was stock-car racing, which I suppose isn't surprising considering the family business. Well, guess who suddenly became a huge stock-car racing fan? Yes, Scott Rothstein, who went to Morse's home on the weekends to watch the races with him.

Due to time constraints, I've got to finish this story later, including the story of Morse's part in Rothstein's big, showy marriage proposal to Kim.

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