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Rothstein Rats Out Other Laywers in Ongoing Ponzi Scheme Depositions

Earlier this morning, we posted the hundreds of pages of transcripts that were released following Scott Rothstein's first day of depositions in Miami federal court.

As his responses are examined, more revelations about the former Fort Lauderdale Ponzi schemer's conduct are sure to come to light. Rothstein is serving a 50-year sentence for his crimes, and the current depositions relate to those who were in business with him -- and it looks like he's willing to implicate many others.

Not only did he say his partners Stuart Rosenfeldt and Russell Adler were guilty, but he also implicated seven other attorneys.

The Sun-Sentinel reports this morning that he said Rosenfeldt and Adler knew what he was doing but did nothing to stop him. He also said there were other attorneys connected with the scheme, "a very large category of people that fell within the... what we fondly refer to as living the rock star or Rothstein lifestyle."

That douchey pronouncement led to a more serious one, as Rothstein said he was bribing many people "to do our dirty work."

Ken Padowitz, a former homicide prosecutor, was one of the implicated attorneys. Padowitz shared office space with Rothstein, and now denies the allegation that he aided the Ponzi scheme without saying anything.

Adler's attorney is Fred Haddad, who is also representing pain pill mogul Chris George, who made this year's list of our Dirty Dozen. He says that Rothstein is just looking for a break: "The only way out of jail is to dump on those he knows," Haddad told the Sun-Sentinel.

Other lawyers he mentioned were Doug Bates, Howard Herskowitz, Wayne Koppel and Steve Rossi.

Rothstein is scheduled to continue testimony through tomorrow. Stay tuned for more information coming out of the depositions.

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