Rothstein's Castle (and Throne)

​This story is getting almost surreal. A blog reader who worked on the recent renovation of Scott Rothstein's house on Isla Bahia Drive sent me photographs of the inside of the home taken during the job. That's

 Rothstein's personal toilet, and yes, the lid is made of gold.

After the jump is the "hers" version of the toilet along with a photo tour, but let's start with some commentary from the gracious reader who furnished the images. He didn't take the pictures himself; he was too afraid of being seen doing so on the extensive video camera surveillance system in the house. Here's what he wrote:  


The house was over the top gaudy,  Lots of golds and deep reds and blue.  All the furniture was imported from italy and a team of folks came from italy to assemble it on site.  He had a theater room that had a custom made 2 tiered bed that was upholstered with cheetah print and all the hand carved wookworking on the walls. He had a cigar lounge with

all hand carved woodworking as well and with two 70-inch plasmas screens on robotic arms and four 42-inch plasmas on arms.  There were two industrial strength smoke eaters in the ceiling and the wall were full of pictures of him with politicians and celebrities.  It was a shrine to himself not unlike his office.  There was an elevator.  A massive diesel generator to keep all the audio visual and computer networking equipment up and running in the even of a power outage.  There had to be well over $2 million spent on audio/visual/home automation/networking equipment in the house.  The best of the gold toilets was downstairs but that one isn't pictured.  I always took some pleasure out of relieving myself in it ;-)


So while we're on bathrooms, let's get Kim's toilet and bidet out of the way:


​There's more; I'll post the second half tomorrow sometime. 

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