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Rothstein's G5 Flight Brokered by Crist's Wife's Ex-Husband's Firm; Greenbarg Back on School Audit Committee

Interesting fun fact of the day: The G5 that Scott Rothstein flew to Morocco and back was apparently arranged for Rothstein by Blue Star Jets. Blue Star Jets is owned by Todd Rome. Todd Rome is the ex-husband of Carol Rome. Carol Rome is the current wife of Florida governor and U.S. Senate candidate Charlie Crist. Charlie Crist is a guy who counted Rothstein as a friend and huge political donor.

Again, just a fun fact. Certainly doesn't indicate anything sinister, just another tidy connection. The Romes divorced on amicable terms and have two children together.

There's just too much going on today (notwithstanding the horrible mass shooting at Fort Hood, which just bumped me off WFTL-850radio for good reason -- that terrible event should help keep all of this in perspective). Here are some other reports, ending with an interesting video of Joe Alu, the bodyguard for Scott Rothstein's wife, Kim. 

-- Fort Lauderdale socialite and art dealer Bonnie Barnett was a "small investor" in Scott Rothstein's investment scheme but did not promote it or bring any other people into the fold for the disgraced lawyer, said her attorney, Jeffrey Sonn.

The wealthy socialite's son, Andrew Barnett, was also hired by Rothstein four months ago. Sources say Andrew worked as a "director of corporate affairs" for Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler but was really there to help bring in investors for Rothstein.

One source close to those involved says that Rothstein was supposed to pay Andrew Barnett a $400,000 commission on Friday. Instead, Rothstein was in Morocco, and Barnett was stiffed on his commission.

Sonn would say only that Andrew Barnett was never paid any commissions for any work he did on behalf of Rothstein.

Bonnie Barnett -- the ex-wife of another lawyer who took a spectacular fall, the late Elliott Barnett -- put under $1 million into the fund and the loss wouldn't affect her lifestyle, Sonn said.

"I have to think Rothstein wanted to tap wanted to get to her well-heeled friends in the art community," said Sonn, a local attorney with a lot of experience dealing with the aftermath of Ponzi schemes. "It's easy to see that Rothstein was on the charity circuit for a reason."

-- I confirmed that after School Board Chairwoman Maureen Dinnen kicked watchdog activist Charlotte Greenbarg off the Audit Committee, Board Member Ann Murray today reappointed her to the post. It's a good move by Murray, who will not only get extra votes from Greenbarg's Broward Coalition membership but also set her aside from the rampantly corrupt board, which is under federal investigation after former member Beverly Gallagher's arrest on bribery charges. As for Dinnen, well, she's further sullied. That's all I can say about that.

-- Following is a video of Joe Alu, ex-husband of Sunrise Commissioner Sheila Alu and current bodyguard for Scott Rothstein's wife, Kim, talking about what a great guy Scott is and how he hasn't done anything wrong. It was shot by my wife for the Sun-Sentinel. Joe Alu, as I reported in the past, has been working with Rothstein for many months. The vid:

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