Rush Limbaugh Playing Willy Wonka -- Except You Get Blindfolded and Taken to His Place

To most people, winning the golden ticket means you get to go to eat candy with an eclectic chocolatier for a day.

If you win Rush Limbaugh's golden ticket, you get blindfolded and taken to his studio in Palm Beach and that means you already bought some of the crap tea-like product he's been peddling for a few months.

Maybe Limbaugh didn't explain it the best way possible, by starting off with the phrase, "You will be blindfolded from the moment you leave your hotel."

Four extremely lucky winners will win two golden EIB tickets. The golden EIB ticket allows exclusive access to the Southern Command here in sunny south Florida. You will be blindfolded from the moment you leave your hotel. We're gonna put you up in a hotel for three days and two nights here in lovely south Florida near the Southern Command. When you leave your hotel and come to Southern Command, you will be blindfolded. The blindfold will not be removed until you are inside the Southern Command bunker.

Like the egomaniac he is, Limbaugh explained today that he wanted to raise the prices of his tea during the promotion "due to the incredible value of meeting me."

Lesson of the day: Don't buy Limbaugh's tea unless you're fully prepared to get kidnapped and taken to big-boy's place, where you can watch him complain about libruhls all day.

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