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Rush Limbaugh Starts Selling Tea Out of Boca Raton Because "The Liberals Are Coming"

If you haven't already been drinking Rush Limbaugh's Kool-Aid, now's your chance.

Limbaugh, the conservative talk-show host and Palm Beach resident, has started his own line of bottled iced tea called Two if by Tea.

Branded by Boca Raton-based Karhl Holdings LLC, a 12-pack of Rush's sauce -- including labeling depicting Limbaugh on a horse -- is available for $23.76 per case, with free shipping.

"And there I am in all of my glory on every bottle, on the shrink wrap covering every six-pack as Rush Revere," Limbaugh said on his show last week. "The liberals are coming, folks."

According to the website's FAQ section, liberals are also allowed to order the tea:

  • Is the tea safe for liberals to drink?
Yes, absolutely! The tea is excellent and worthy of all! The tea is a melting pot, full of American values and the taste of freedom; everyone can share in its magic. There is a charge however, which may be a shock to some.

  • Can liberals pay a higher price if they choose?
Yes! However, since most liberals prefer to have everything paid for them this is highly unlikely.

  • Can liberals pay a lower price if they choose?

No, but we will happily accept payment from third parties buying the tea for liberals who think someone else should buy their tea for them.

Two if by Tea also promises to donate a minimum of $100,000 to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, a charity that provides assistance to the kids of Marines or law enforcement officers who have died in action.

Also from the FAQ, Limbaugh is not supporting that his bottles be recycled:

  • Why do you have a recycling symbol on your product if you so adamantly criticize environmentalists and the green movement?
Having a recycling symbol on each Two If By Tea™ bottle is merely for labeling and industry requirements. It is not meant to be a political statement of any sort or an attempt to "Save the Planet" as many environmentalist wackos would suggest.
To watch Rush Limbaugh ramble about himself and iced tea, check out the video below:

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