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Rush Limbaugh's Five Best Quotes on Global Warming

Rush Limbaugh, the nation’s best-known conservative talk radio host and most famous pile of sentient ham, is, as one would expect, something of a skeptic when it comes to climate change. This being Limbaugh — a man with a supernatural talent for turning the smallest issues into multinational conspiracies — global warming is, in his eyes, not so much “bunk science” as it is “a hoax perpetrated by leftist researchers to expand the size of the federal government.” Limbaugh has been using this as a talking point for so long that it has effectively become the Republican Party line.

Last week, however, Florida gossip blogger Jose Lambiet suggested that Limbaugh’s thoughts about climate change may be “evolving” somewhat, if only in private and if only when his own well-being might be under siege. Lambiet says he obtained records showing that Limbaugh, who owns a $50.8 million mansion in Palm Beach, is reportedly cooperating with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to help control erosion on the Palm Beach waterfront and has even gone so far (Lambiet says) as to let the corps store mounds of sand — which will then be distributed across the entire beach — on his property for the next ten years. Scientists say beach erosion is exacerbated by climate change.

Limbaugh has acknowledged — infrequently — that the climate may indeed “change” but insists it's not because of people! 

Either way, it might be fun to revisit a few choice Rush-isms:

Like that time he *ahem* said people shouldn't change they way they live to combat climate change.

[Global warming] has no basis in fact, and yet it has acolytes out the wazoo. We have people going out and living their lives and changing their lives to account for this hoax and this manmade global warming that's destroying the planet, that they have been led to believe they are responsible for in part, and so they gotta do things to absolve themselves of their sin. So they're putting in these screwy little spaghetti light bulbs, they're driving strange cars, they're using something other than toilet paper in the bathroom, whatever number of things.

— Feb. 27, 2008

Or that time he accused the world’s models of being “bought” by the “global warming crowd.”

“Hell, half of Hollywood celebrity, the entire model community has been bought by global warming. I mean, every damn model in the world, runway or otherwise, runway, lingerie, Victoria's Secret, they're dunderheads and they're all conscious of saving the plant. And of course the guys, this is what happens. Again, I am an expert on this. I mean, there's something about models that attracts men above and beyond just the fact that they're women. Well, a guy will do and say anything to get to third base or a chance to score, and if he's got to agree that we're destroying the planet, he will. If he's gotta do it publicly, he will.

So some actor or some public figure trying to make it with a model and the model's been bought, paid for by the global warming crowd, is out there spouting it, the guy will say whatever."

— Nov. 20, 2015

Or that time he called climate change believers “low-information voter types.”

All of us are responsible.  All of us are using more than our share of coal.  All of us are using more than our share of gasoline, all of us are driving bigger cars than we should be.  We're living in bigger homes than we should.  It's all our fault.  This is the key.  And the reason it's our fault is that then allows the statists to say, "See, you people cannot be trusted to live your lives responsibly.  You need us regulating the way you live in order to save our planet."  And that's how they've set it up.

And since there are a lot of people out there, low-information voter types who really don't think their lives have much meaning and they're seeking for meaningful lives and they think, "Wow! How much more meaning can you have than to actually save the planet."

— Nov. 5, 2015

Or that time he said a 13-year-old had exposed the global warming “hoax.”

Last week on this program a young man of 13 years old called. A young boy called from Wilmington, Indiana. He was a very, very bright, articulate guy who called here to tell me that he finally had proven to himself that global warming was a hoax. He'd gone to his local library. He'd researched it and he had found it, and he told me why he thought the left and liberals don't recognize it as a hoax is because they don't want to.

— April 8, 2013

And then, there was that time he said that he was absolutely positive humans were not contributing to climate change and that God would never let the Earth decay.

It is my devout belief in God that gives me every bit of confidence that man is not destroying — and furthermore, cannot — destroy the climate.

— Nov. 3, 2015

It’s interesting, then, that God doesn’t seem to have chosen to protect your beach, Rush.

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