Adler, right, with Rothstein in NYC.
Adler, right, with Rothstein in NYC.

Russ Adler Back in the Saddle for Judge Larry

Russell Adler, former law partner of Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein, is back.

Adler, a Bova Prime regular who also vacationed to New York with Rothstein, filed court papers yesterday to replace Peter Sachs as attorney for former Judge Larry Seidlin and his wife, Belinda Ray Seidlin. Judge Seidlin, of course, famously presided over the Anna Nicole Smith case, which he turned into a prolonged farce at the end of which he wept.  

The Seidlins are defendants in a suit brought by their elderly neighbor, Barbara Kasler, whom they allegedly exploited out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Kasler's attorney is Bill Scherer, who is also representing Rothstein victims in a lawsuit against a slew of defendants involving in the Ponzi scheme.

Presumably a portion of the money Seidlin pays Adler will wind up with the RRA bankruptcy estate. Adler was one of several former RRA lawyers who recently agreed to pay the bankruptcy estate 20 percent of all fees they made from cases they took with them after the law firm imploded.

As promised, the Frank Preve emails to Rothstein are coming soon.


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