Ryan LeVin, heir of an Illinois costume-jewelry family, who was indicted in a 2009 hit and run that killed two British businessmen, will be back in front of a judge Friday. And it looks like he plans on changing his not-guilty plea, according to court documents.

David Bogenschutz, the high-profile lawyer who's representing LeVin, didn't quickly return a call from the Pulp, so it's not clear whether the 36-year-old is going to plead "guilty" or "no contest" to the charges of vehicular homicide.

Police say LeVin was racing his Porsche 

Ryan LeVin, Playboy Indicted in Fatal Porsche Hit and Run, to Change Plea

along Seabreeze Boulevard after a wild night of barhopping. Officers say that LeVin lost control of his car and slammed into Craig Elford and Kenneth Watkinson, who were on the sidewalk. LeVin then asked his friend Derek Cook -- with whom he'd been out that night -- to ditch the car, police say.

Cook was originally charged as an accessory to the hit and run but later agreed to testify against LeVin in exchange for a plea deal. Cook was jailed again in January, though, when a judge found out about a prior DUI charge and revoked his bond.

A civil suit against LeVin is also pending.

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