Scott Rothstein Transcripts

For those who want to read the transcripts of Scott Rothstein's deposition in Miami in their entirety, we'll post them all here as they come along.

The deposition went on for two weeks starting on December 12, and Rothstein answered just about every question he was allowed to answer, although whether he's telling the truth about everything seems to be the subject of debate.

You can find all of the transcripts as they've been released after the jump, thanks to the Fort Lauderdale law firm Conrad & Scherer:

2011-12-12 Rothstein Scott AM

Click here for Rothstein's corrections to the above transcript.

2011-12-12 Rothstein Scott PM

2011-12-13 Rothstein Scott AM

2011-12-13 Rothstein Scott PM
2011-12-14 Rothstein Scott AM

2011-12-14 Rothstein Scott PM
2011-12-15 Rothstein Scott AM

2011-12-15 Rothstein Scott PM
2011-12-16 Rothstein Scott AM

2011-12-16 Rothstein Scott PM Redacted
2011-12-19 Rothstein Scott AM

2011-12-19 Rothstein Scott PM
2011-12-20 Rothstein Scott AM

2011-12-20 Rothstein Scott PM
2011-12-21 Rothstein Scott AM

2011-12-21 Rothstein Scott PM
2011-12-22 Rothstein Scott AM

2011-12-22 Rothstein Scott PM Redacted
2011-12-23 Rothstein Scott AM

2011-12-23 Rothstein Scott PM

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