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She's Baaa-aaack (Again)

The mother of now-teenaged twins, Roberts was accused of following and harassing Krueger after meeting her at gymnastics lessons for their respective children. When Krueger didn't invite Roberts' daughter to her daughter's birthday party, it reached a boiling point, with an altercation at Silver Palms Elementary. Roberts was arrested the day of the party, which was held the same day her own daughter was to ride in the big Pines Day parade after she was named the city's "Little Miss Sweetheart Princess." 

You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

When Roberts went to trial for the alleged Krueger stalking, Roberts represented herself, at times making a mockery of the courtroom. But she was apparently effective with the jury, which acquitted her of felony stalking and battery charges in 2003. The case, in fact, was weak from the beginning -- though there is no question that Roberts was harassing and following the newswoman.    

As that case played itself out in the media, it was discovered that Roberts had many years before gunned down her high school's homecoming queen, Angela Puccetti, with a rifle. The shooting was ruled an accident, but many still wonder if it was intentional.

A solid chunk of my little book is dedicated to her wild story. You can also read here and here for articles on Roberts. I will update as soon as I get the new arrest report. Inside, read some of the as-yet-unpublished ramblings from Roberts circa 2007. Understand, this is a sad and disturbing tale that is strewn with human wreckage.

After her acquittal in 2003, Georgia, her husband, and her two children moved to the Orlando area. I didn't hear from her until 2007, when she contacted me and told me that she had an affair with a neighbor and that she was going to make him pay for it.

It was painfully obvious that Roberts was still as off-the-wall as ever. I kept notes in which she described the alleged affair, which was denied by the neighbor. "He's been giving me oral sex for two months," Roberts said at the time. "He was home working all day, and his eyes bulged out of his sockets every time he was near me. It was common knowledge he had the hots for me. It was more of a friendship than anything else. This lady he answers to [his wife] is a control-freak Nazi. I told her, 'You're too plain and too ordinary to be my next victim.' ... It was kiss, hug, oral sex, high school stuff... We were like kids, it was all fantasy stuff, like Bon Jovi, you know how I like Bon Jovi, Tommy and Gina."

Whether the affair was fictional or not, Roberts produced lurid details about it:

-- "He's got my underwear buried in the backyard of his house, with all the Celine Dion perfume," she said. "He buried it in the back of the woods behind his house so he would have a memento of me."  

-- "[His wife] said he sweats, and I'm thinking, 'I know he sweats, he sweats into my mouth in his garage.'"

-- "He wanted me to worship him as the ideal suburban guy, with the [children] and a minivan. The guy ejaculates on his family room couch, all right? And two hours later, he's taking his wife out while my lips are still sore from sucking his thing."

This stuff would actually be humorous if Georgia didn't wreck lives. She found out everything about the family, followed them around, and when they moved, she planned to move into the same neighborhood with them. It's flat-out chilling. I asked her why she was targeting the man and his wife, whether the affair happened or not. What was the point?   

"Why would he have to feel my wrath?" she asked rhetorically. "Because I went to tell his wife about it, and he denied it. He's playing with fire; he's going to get burned."

I also heard from the couple at the time; there were restraining orders filed, etc. It was a true horror story, but it really didn't rise to the level of news. On top of that, dredging it up would only hurt the family even more. So I just told her that she was sick and that her behavior was repulsive and that she needed to stop doing it. She replied with the following email:  

I am going to do the RIGHT THING -- THE DECENT THING  & STOP MY DESTRUCTIVE TAUNTING BEHAVIOR.  I'm going to use all my energy to get better; I need the right medication & I need to follow-through w/ the treatment. I've been in denial, shifting blaming others my entire life -- no more.
I have beautiful, healthy kids, straight-A students, &  more importantly  kind, compassionate, unselfish kids... I am going to start appreciating & TREASURING that. ...

Best regards,

Now flash-forward to news about her arrest. Who knows what kind of new human damage Georgia has wrought.

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