Sid Rosenberg Arrested on DUI Charges (UPDATED, again)
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Sid Rosenberg Arrested on DUI Charges (UPDATED, again)

UPDATE, 4/10: The not-so-tame police report is up.

UPDATE, 4/6 12:15 p.m.: Hollywood Police Department has confirmed that Rosenberg was arrested Thursday on alcohol-related DUI charges, but that the police report would not be ready until next week. Broward Court Records now also indicate there are as-yet unfiled charges for DUI and driving with a suspended license against him.

Original post, 4/5 8:57 p.m.:
Sports radio personality Sid Rosenberg was arrested Thursday in Hollywood on charges of driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license, according to several websites that automatically collect police booking data.

While there are no charges listed in online Broward County Court records, has a listing for a "Sidney Rosenburg" with a birthdate that matches the one on file for "Sidney Rosenberg" -- spelled the same way the radio host's is -- in records of traffic tickets for improper use of the carpool lane, failure to wear a seat belt, and careless driving. has a listing (with the charges included) with a similarly misspelled last name, but the middle name matches those tickets as well.

Also, there's a picture of him.

While the mug shot indicates Rosenberg was arrested, it's not clear if any charges have been, or will be, filed. A spokesman for the Hollywood Police Department couldn't be reached to confirm the arrest late Thursday. If it's helpful for comparison, here's a picture of Rosenberg, the afternoon host on WQAM, on the cover of his 2010 book in which "radio's bad boy tells it like it is":
Sid Rosenberg Arrested on DUI Charges (UPDATED, again)

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