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Sid Rosenberg Returns for WFAN Radio Segment

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Embattled South Florida radio host Sid Rosenberg made a guest appearance at one of his old haunts earlier today: He called into New York radio station 660 WFAN as part of their 25th anniversary celebrations -- he traded stories with former colleague Craig Carton and nemesis Boomer Esiason, talked about sports, his gambling debts, and, briefly, Rosenberg's April DUI arrest (broken by New Times) that prompted his departure as afternoon host at WQAM.

Rosenberg resigned from WFAN in 2005 after causing all sorts of controversies, both on his own show and that of Don Imus.

"What the hell were you thinking the other night, a few months back?" Carton asked. "We all read the police report. it's ugly, as you know."

(The police report included tears, vomit, and the fetal position.)

"First of all, the police report, I can't get into it because the case is still going on," Rosenberg said. "I've got a really good lawyer, and I'm really, really, very, very confident that I will be vindicated and I'll win the case... But with that said, I am sober, I'm sober since April the 5th, and I go to meetings -- I go to meetings for drinking. I haven't made a bet in 8 months. Never felt better."

Other highlights of the 10-minute segment: Boomer comparing Rosenberg to the 1986 New York Mets ("what could have been..."), and Rosenberg's wife being called "the only lawyer in America that's gotta plead the fifth every other Wednesday."

Rosenberg wrapped it all up by saying that he appreciated being included in the anniversary goings-on, even after CBS reportedly gave him the cold shoulder in the anniversary planning.

"I think you guys for having me on," he said. "Jerry Sandusky gets treated better at Penn State than I do at FAN at this point, to be honest."

Rosenberg is scheduled to start a new South Florida morning show on 640 AM Aug. 13. You can listen to the whole segment on the FAN website.

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