Someone Needs to Hire Vanilla Ice as a Local Weatherman Already

Hurricanes sometimes bring out the best in people. Prime example: Vanilla Ice, one-hit wonder and rapper, turns out to make an excellent weatherman. 

From his home in Palm Beach, which he seemed to be refusing to evacuate, Vanilla Ice (AKA Robert Matthew van Winkle) posted periodic updates on the storm.  

What exactly does that mean? Who knows. But it was no less insightful than the commentary coming from the TV reporters getting blown away on the beach. ("If you see this water... it's going to be flooding very soon... We're going pan out so you can get a better look.")

Vanilla Ice wasn't an obvious choice for official chronicler of Hurricane Matthew. One of the great tragedies of the storm is that DJ Khaled is currently in New York City, and we don't get to follow along on Snapchat as he tells us how real it is out there. But Vanilla Ice has admirably filled that role. 

A lot of people were mad at him for refusing to evacuate, including the Florida Democratic Party, which sniped at him on Twitter:

Whatever, Florida Democrats. Vanilla Ice knew what the people wanted: harrowing updates from the heart of the storm. Can someone from WSVN-TV (Channel 7) or WPTV-TV (Channel 5) give him a call for the next one?

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