Source: DNA Tests Show Michael Dippolito Fathered Boca Woman's Child

DNA test results show that Michael Dippolito is the father of an 11-year-old boy who lives west of Boca Raton, according to a confidential source. The child's mother, Karen Tanne, alleges in a paternity suit that Dippolito abandoned her when the child was an infant, and has never paid child support.

Submitting to an order by Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge Kenneth Stern, Dippolito had his cheek swabbed for DNA testing at a lab on Tuesday. The test shows there is a 99.998 percent chance that Dippolito is the child's father.

In her lawsuit, Tanne has requested child support and asked that Dippolito get a life insurance policy that names her as the sole beneficiary.

Tanne and Dippolito were never married. Dippolito married his first wife, Maria, in 2007, after dating her for about nine years. In January 2009, Dippolito divorced Maria to marry Dalia Mohammed, a woman he met just a few months earlier.

This August, Dippolito made national headlines when Dalia was arrested in Boynton Beach for allegedly hiring a hit man to kill him.

Michael Dippolito also has a checkered criminal history. After pleading guilty to running a telemarketing scam in which he sold fraudulent investments in foreign currency, he served two years in state prison and is now on probation.

To read more about Dippolito's criminal history, click here.

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