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Speakeasy Politics: Dozens of Candidates to Meet With Yuppies Tonight in West Palm Beach

Twenty Palm Beach County young-professional organizations have come together to host a pretty impressive roster of local and state political candidates for a free evening of schmoozing and stumping tonight in West Palm Beach.

It's probably worth stopping by if you're interested in politics, as long as you RSVP beforehand. Guests will include Lois Frankel, Adam Hasner (we hope those two will get into fisticuffs after a few martinis at the cash bar), Ted Deutch, and Dave Aronberg, as well as a handful of already-elected officials.

Full list after the jump.

If you're like us, you had no idea there were 20 young-professional organizations in Palm Beach County. That is a lot of yuppies. That's probably enough yuppies to end up swinging the election.

Alex Nall, chair of the Risk Management Association Young Professionals (see what we mean?), explained the event:

Speakeasy Politics began as a concept to organize the young professionals in Palm Beach County, and provide a casual forum to discuss the topics most important to our community with their elected officials and candidates running for office. Speakeasy Politics 2012 is a non-partisan event and will allow young voters to put aside politics and engage in the political process.
Harriet Himmel Theater in CityPlace, West Palm Beach, from 5:30 to 7:30.<

Confirmed Candidates Attending:
  • Sen. Bill Nelson (Campaign Representative)
  • Lois Frankel
  • Adam Hasner
  • Congressman Alcee Hastings
  • Cesar Henao
  • Congressman Ted Deutch
  • Michael Trout
  • Dina Keever
  • Dave Aronberg
  • State Rep. Joe Abruzzo
  • Melanie Peterson (Campaign Representative)
  • State Rep. Jeff Clemens
  • State Rep. Lori Berman
  • Sean Kasper
  • Tami Donnally
  • State Rep. Mark Pafford
  • State Rep. Pat Rooney (Campaign Representative)
  • Mary Lou Berger
  • Councilor David Levy
  • Cliff Montross
  • Commissioner Shelley Vana
  • Hal Valeche
  • Mike Murgio
  • Commissioner Wayne Richards
  • George Black Jr.
  • Peter Stein

Confirmed Elected Officials Attending:
  • Susan Bucher
  • Peter Antonacci
  • Commissioner Karen Marcus
  • Karen Brill
  • Marcia Andrew
  • Mayor Mort Levine
  • Commissioner Andy Amoroso
  • Councilor Todd Wodraska
  • Councilor Martha Webster
  • Mayor Bob Margolis
  • Commissioner Keith James
  • County Administrator, Robert Weismann

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