State Rep. Schwartz Holocaust-Baits For Mayor Mara

Florida state Rep. Elaine J. Schwartz is being accused of using the Holocaust to drum up votes against Peter Bober in his bid to unseat Hollywood Mayor Mara Giulianti.

And after looking at the evidence, the Pulp finds probable cause to charge Schwartz, who represents parts of Hollywood and Pembroke Pines (Dist. 99), with first-degree pandering and reckless disregard for decency.

In an email she recently sent out to Hollywood political types that was forwarded all over the city, Schwartz wrote that Bober "voted against essential funding for the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center," adding that "the facts speak for themselves."

Yes, Rep. Schwartz, they do. And they show that Bober, who is Jewish, strongly supported the Holocaust museum from its inception, including a $500,000 loan to help get it going. It was only when the museum, which has been wracked with problems, told the city it didn't want to pay back the loan that Bober balked. He wanted to extend the time to pay back the loan instead of giving away the money. In other words, he was trying to take responsibility for the city's money. Giulianti and the rest of the commission forgave the loan, making it a grant.

For Schwartz to imply that Bober opposed the Holocaust museum, then, is dirty political trick. And Schwartz, of course, is a big Giulianti ally and supporter. In fact, they both share the same campaign manager -- lobbyist Barbara Miller.

Schwartz, you demeaned your office and you should apologize for it. Do what so many good citizens in Hollywood -- including Lori Gold and Charlotte Greenbarg -- have asked you to do.

Apologize for using one of the worst tragedies in mankind to promote your petty political agenda in Hollywood. And say you're sorry for dragging Hollywood even deeper into the muck than it already was.

But hey, at least you didn't use the "anti-Semitic" label -- though that would have been hard considering Bober's heritage.

Here's Schwartz's entire e-mail:

Florida State Representative Elaine J. Schwartz

District 99 – Hollywood & Pembroke Pines

4601 Sheridan Street, Suite 2008

Hollywood , Florida 33021

January, 2008

Re: Bober Vote Against Holocaust Documentation and Education Center

I must set the record straight. There have been no anti-Semitic accusations in Hollywood 's mayoral race. One candidate for Mayor says he's been attacked for being Jewish, which is just not true. Religion is not at all at issue since both candidates are Jewish. However, now that Mr. Bober has brought it up, what is at issue is his own voting record. It shows clearly that he voted against essential funding for the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center. The facts speak for themselves. The Holocaust Documentation and Education Center is so important and vital that I, as a State Representative, proudly sponsored and, along with all your State legislators and Governor Crist, voted to fund the Center in Hollywood. Hundreds of thousands of state dollars have been approved in Tallahassee to make up the difference of what's needed to restore the Center and preserve a 1940's Rail Car like the ones used to transport Jews to Concentration Camps -- one of only nine in the world. It will be on display right here in Hollywood despite Mr. Bober's lack of vision and wrong priorities. The Center will be a tremendous asset in fighting prejudice and hatred. Very truly yours, State Rep. Elaine J. Schwartz

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