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Strax Ad Offers Plastic Surgery Financing to Everyone With Checking Account

Strax Rejuvenation and Aesthetics Institute in Lauderhill prides itself on making plastic surgery available to the masses. Owners of the high-volume surgery office say their nips and tucks are less expensive than other doctors' because they buy surgical supplies, such as breast implants and sutures, in bulk.

But Strax also offers financing options for patients who consider a $3,500 boob job out of their price range. Lidvian Zelaya, the 35-year-old Miami woman who died last December after fat transfer surgery at Strax, chose to finance the $4,600 procedure.

Strax Vice President Philip Feanny said in an interview this summer that the company does not offer loans directly to

patients but refers them to third-party lenders.

Now, Strax is running radio ads touting its partnership with a company called Cosmetic Acceptance Corp., which will, according to the ads, be housed in Strax's office and offer loans to patients. "Strax guarantees every patient, provided you have a checking account, will be financed," says the ad on WRMF-FM (97.9).

Cosmetic Acceptance registered as a for-profit business with the Florida Secretary of State in mid-July. The Pulp called Feanny to inquire about Strax's relationship with the business, but he did not immediately respond. We'll update when he does.

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