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Sun-Sentinel's Gary Stein Thinks Protesters Are Slobs Who Make Everyone's Life a Nuisance

The Sun-Sentinel's Gary Stein is FED UP. Fed up with you dirty no-good life-inconveniencing protesters! You just don't know how to protest properly! That is to say, you're not a proper protester and you will never get anything done because GARY STEIN SAYS SO.

And so, he took to his column to give you dirty protesters a schooling!

In Stein's mind, things don't change not because of a lack of protests, but because protestors today dress bad, and use the Internet, and do things that inconvenience people of Stein's ilk who just want to get on with their day of paying bills online and yelling at those damn dirty kids and their iPots and their MyFace and Twitbook to get off his lawn.

In Stein's day, protesters didn't inconvenience people, or cause a nuisance. Vietnam protests were done the right way! They wore clean clothes and stayed out of the way. THAT'S WHY AMERICA PULLED OUT OF VIETNAM BECAUSE PEOPLE DRESSED GOOD. But kids and their hippity hop music and their hackers are just a bunch of clueless slobs who don't know how to properly protest. Also, their farts smell bad. Unlike the Vietnam protesters back in Stein's day, whose farts smelled of lilac and cinnamon.

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Chris Joseph
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