The Bang Bus Baits Fort Lauderdale

The Miami Herald's Joan Fleischman writes about a porn producer's divorce woes this morning -- and it provided the Pulp a portal into a parade of South Florida sleaze.

The column is about Kristopher Hinson, a "reality porn" impresario who has made a fortune off his and other sites since he started in the business with another guy named Penn Davis at the University of Florida. Seems his ex-wife, a Miami real estate agent named Cherie Hinson, is claiming he lied about his worth during the divorce. Whether he lied or not, he's made many millions.

Off what you ask? Click here to enter the site. Seems the busboys drive around South Florida and pick up strange women who are willing to do anything for money. In this week's episode, they allegedly find their prey in Fort Lauderdale after striking out in Hollywood. Here's the narrative -- which is as sloppy as everything else on -- from the site:

Today me and my boy Julius or Mr. Pleaser how he likes to call himself went to Hollywood. Not the one you are thinking about, the other one which is locating between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Our major haunting spots. Anyway we went there cause he told me that he graduated from the local high school. I actually doubt that he ever went to high school, kids like him usually go to school high. So we ended up in this creepy neighborhood trying to find some decent chick to talk with. Instead of that we ran into this mean ass female dog who was throwing some pedigree flakes at us. Later I figured that she was welcoming us. But it was too late cause we were on the way to Fort Lauderdale, our second favorite city. There is always something to

do here. A lot of tourists who cannot afford Miami's luxury hotels are all coming here. And you know what, they all nice and free to talk in front of the camera cause most of them have never seen the camera before. Some of them have never seen the Bang Bus. Which is wild. So for those know what Bang Bus is I definitely to recommend to watch this episode cause this one was pretty funny. Oh yeah forgot to tell you about the chick we picked up. But do you really feel like reading that? Its always better to see, so lean back and enjoy.

Well, I bit the bullet and watched the free trailer -- and the guys were indeed scouting all over Fort Lauderdale, with shots of them downtown and on the beach. Thankfully, they show a lot of ladies turning them down. But if you think the woman who ultimately took them up on the offer was really just some random Fort Lauderdale chick hungry for cash (among other things), then read this Miami New Times story. Sorry to burst your illusions, but the actual porn part of this thing is staged. Turns out Hinson's business is dirty as sin and full of misogynistic dirtbags. Whodathunkit?

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