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The Many Faces of "Pill Mill Vinny"

The many faces of Vincent Colangelo, the convicted heroin and cocaine trafficker who decided he could make more money in the pill mill business, where authorities say he unloaded some 770,000 high-powered pain pills in a single year. Fort Lauderdale activist Cal Deal put together the montage. Deal saw his neighborhood sullied by...
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The many faces of Vincent Colangelo, the convicted heroin and cocaine trafficker who decided he could make more money in the pill mill business, where authorities say he unloaded some 770,000 high-powered pain pills in a single year.

Fort Lauderdale activist Cal Deal put together the montage. Deal saw his neighborhood sullied by one of Colangelo's seven pain medicine shops. Colangelo was living the high life, allegedly making $150,000 a day on the oxycodone business and buying up a fleet of high-priced sports cars that were also seized in yesterday's raid.

Here's what Deal wrote in an email today to Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler and the commission:

Allow me to introduce you to ex-con Vincent Colangelo -- the former heroin trafficker who was running the Ayda Weiss property Pain Clinic next door to Broward General (and three doors down from Ronald McDonald House) in the Poinciana Park neighborhood. He was arrested yesterday during the pill mill raids in South Florida. He's the guy they said was making $150,000 a day and had a warehouse full of super expensive cars. Channel 7's Carmel Cafiero has been on his case. Some of these mug shots are from her report on yesterday's raids at his clinics.

Incredibly, the pain clinic has been able to operate there because Broward General, thinking it was going to be a "medical office," gave the property owner -- Ayda Weiss -- some free parking to supplement her own. Many months ago I asked Broward Health to rescind that contract, and I have been told that the cancellation is in the works... but so is Christmas.

And now the city has allowed property owner Ayda Weiss -- who lives in comfy Sunrise Key -- to knock down a small building and stick more parking spaces in back of the clinic -- but that's not what was approved by the Planning Board, based on the last site plan I saw. How does that happen!!??

-- Inside, we look at a Pulp commenter who has been called both brilliant and obnoxious, whom some thought was an FBI agent and some even thought was me. It's the Amazing Karnack, of course. I'm going to be breaking out best hits of Pulp classic commenters and thought I'd start with one of the originals. 

Karnack's first comment on the Pulp came on January 11, 2009, nine months before the FBI sting nabbed Beverly Gallagher and Joe Eggelletion, among others. Here's the text:

You make Karnack laugh. The story in Broward will be the same as in Palm Beach. Masilotti's wife started the bad news in Palm Beach with her disclosure of the ill gotten property in her divorce documents. Karnack says that begot her husband which begot Warren Newell, which begot McCarty. Karnack says the puppets couldn't wait to talk to the feds trying to keep themselves out of prison. Karnack wonders what special stories that turkey Ken Jennio had to tell the feds to shorten his stay. Karnack says Broward is a sewer flowing with human waste. Karnack wonders why the school board continues to utilize the phony doctor aka the cat in the hat. Oh yea, Karnack knows that the phony doctor head of the la dark nostra keeps the lid on the terrible audit reports coming out of the school board that the puppets continue to ignore. Karnack says la nova nostra and the la good ole nostra are all making their moves to be Broward leaders. Karnack has to laugh as they all vie to enrich themselves in the name of Broward County and its children. Karnack says they forgot what public service is all about. Karnack says the train has left the station. Karnack says for some the train has arrived. Karnack says read all the latest stories and smell the locomotive breath all around us.

Here are some of his best hits:

February 12, 2009: Karnack says please don't pretend to talk about who has been malicious in the school district because the train will soon clarify those facts for everyone to see. Karnack says most especially the trumped up arguments concocted by the COO and the theater carried out by certain relatives of those on high. Diogenes, Karnack says if you are so naive as to believe Ms. Blackwood was the malicious party, Karnack says the District has some swamp land in Southwest Ranches they would like to sell you. Karnack foretold years ago that the spin doctoring within the political halls of the school board and the rest of the machine had been decoded and many were documenting the real stories. Karnack says you have exposed yourself as another spin doctor. Karnack says if Ms. Blackwood were the most malicious person in America it should not matter that Mr. Morgan is perceived as a nice guy (to those that need him in that position). Karnack says it is all about the children right. Karnack says certainly you are concerned about what jeopardy an unqualified Mr. Morgan has placed the children and the District in. Karnack says but no, you are most interested in continuing the bashing of Ms. Blackwood and the justification of Mr. Morgan. Karnack says you make him laugh. Karnack says if Mr. Morgan and his bosses had the children in mind he never would have accepted the postion and they never should have offered him a position he was not qualified for. Karnack says you are why America falls for every ponzi scheme. Karnack says you are the one unable to weigh the facts independently. Karnack says don't look now but your prejudice and motives are showing. Karnack says it will soon become crystal clear as to how and why Mr. Morgan was so right for the job and Ms. Blackwood was not and why you want to make this personal between Morgan and Blackwood. Karnack says it is so you can call it a soap operah and confuse the real issues. Karnack says the train has left the station. Karnack says the locomotive breath is replacing the swirling spin.   

[Note: School Board building official Ron Morgan was later charged with crimes and caught the eye of the statewide grand jury.]

May 27, 2009: Karnack says soon the machine will be exposed. Karnack says yes many puppets feel a special entitlement and serve their greedy masters faithfully. Karnack says many have felt the wrath of intimidation and retribution for trying to speak out. Karnack says our society has been brutally assailed by the puppets and forced to go along to get along. Karnack says the machine's secret inner workings will be exposed for all to see the depth and breadth of the assault. Karnack says the revolution will begin on that day. Karnack says the machine wants you to believe that gay marriage, illegal immigration, welfare, and the need for universal healthcare are to blame for the deterioration of our society. Karnack says while we watch that puppet show the masters have their hands in our pockets robbing us blind. Karnack says our nation is mostly fiscally conservative and socially moderate. Karnack says the machine can't fabricate causes to funnel money to their special interests if we all are working together. Karnack says we will soon see the price we pay for being afraid to stand up and expose every case of public corruption we see. Karnack says the laws are weak now. Karnack says public corruption will soon be exposed as the nation's greatest threat to peace and security. Karnack says the train has left the station. Karnack says the locomotive breath is all around us.

April 7, 2009: Bob, Karnack says the State Attorney's Office is much like the print newspaper business. Karnack says the print news is going under for one reason and one reason only; they have failed to remain relevant in our society. Karnack says they sold out to corporate advertisers and those with political influence instead of doing what they promised or swore to do, investigate and report the facts in an unbiased manner on events that occur. Karnack says those who bet on the American people to be uneducated, apathetic, or preoccupied only listen to Fox news. Karnack says there are many of us capable of independent thought and analysis. Karnack says for those of us concerned about the facts and real investigative work, print news and the State Attorney's office are a huge disappointment. Karnack says it will be nice to see you at the station Bob so you can write and tell others about the facts. Karnack says there will be many gasping in horror at the carnage the train will reveal. Karnack says the train left the station a long time ago. Karnack says can you hear the sound, clickity clack, clickity clack, clickity clack.

[Note: Karnack loves to talk in code. "Horse Face" is former Supt. Frank Till. The "Big Cheese Lady" was Stephanie Kraft. "Buster" is former union boss Walter Browne, who recently was released from prison. And "Don Jimmy" is current Supt. James Notter.]

June 11, 2009: Karnack says horse face kept busy trying to keep five happy. Karnack says he did that by keeping Buster happy. Karnack says Buster knew how to keep many happy. Karnack bets Buster and horse face have many interesting memoirs. Karnack says horse face was shot down gangland style after his trusty body guard went on unplanned vacation. Karnack says the new five are just another gang same as the old gang. Karnack says now they take a bigger cut. Karnack says entire system based on elections is broken. Karnack says public corruption is rampant because public feels helpless. Karnack says public feels helpless because even those elected to police public officials are corrupt. Karnack says look up public corruption around the country. Karnack says public must take greater role in exposing corruption when they see it. Karnack says soon you will see why. Karnack says the public elected gangs are stealing your money in broad daylight and laughing at your helpless asses. Karnack says you must learn their language in order spot the conspiracy. Karnack says be skeptical at all times. Karnack says whenever a puppet tells us they have a new method or a plan to improve conditions, reach around behind your back and protect your wallet. Karnack says the train has left the station. Karnack says the train always runs on time.

June 12, 2009: Karnack says it has always been about the numbers, student stations, FTE, and the fat capital slush fund. Karnack says no hints there Pulpman look it up. Karnack says horse face was doomed the day the Big Cheese Lady arrived. Karnack says she came with an agenda from many soccer moms who already loved Don Jimmy. Karnack says they still spend many hours pining over what really could have been. Karnack says look up an old story about a fish that only swims at night, or does he. Karnack says the Big Cheese Lady had to wait for the right opportunity to place the sanction on horse face. Karnack says you still need five no matter how big an idiot the superintendent is. Karnack says one other horse face supporter had to leave before the new coalition led by the Big Cheese Lady and the good doctor. Karnack says can you guess who. Karnack says that's one puppet that got bigger strings, or did she. Karnack says she certainly got more money. Karnack wonders how the puppets can organize a coalition of five when they can only discuss things in the sunshine. Karnack says more research material Pulpman. Karnack says two of the original five have died. Karnack says can you tell us who replaced them. Karnack says now that Buster has been outed, can you tell us which illustrious puppet was doing the horizontal bop with Buster's bigger younger brother on the top floor of the glass tower. Karnack says talk about your steamy labor management session. Karnack says the love sessions resulted in a wanted pregnancy that left PPO and the union roster bloated and overweight. Karnack says you don't have to look far on that one Pulpman, check our own audit files. Karnack says talk about taking one for the organization. Karnack says excuse me, I just got a visual of that scenario and I have to go scratch my eyes out.

August 4, 2009: Karnack watched Don Jimmy and the puppet show yesterday. Karnack says Don Jimmy continues the spin and blames Tallahassee for the District's financial crisis. Karnack has to laugh. Karnack says that is like the college student who was sent off to college with cash and a credit card provided by his parents. Karnack says the student spent the cash and maxed out the credit card on beer and parties for all of his friends. Karnack says when the student finally tried to buy books for his classes and the credit card had no money, the student quickly blamed his parents for not giving him enough money. Karnack says the book store didn't buy that lame ass story either. Karnack says Green Means Green for Me continued his spin as well. Karnack says we are spending money on a web site to justify the green initiative that is nothing more than another puppet sham to funnel money on a cause that looks real. Karnack says if Reality is for real, question this program that includes the back asswords front loading of performance contracting benefitting the contractors not the District. Karnack foretold the entire story would be told. Karnack says the puppets and their facilitators are dazed and confused. Karnack says every rag in town has let the dogs out and even their old cover guy sitsonhishands doesn't call any more. Karnack says project managers did not hire project managers. Karnack says don't lose sight of the big picture. Karnack says the puppets and their facilitators hired more and more staff to keep the union happy while they shoveled millions out the door through the TPM (one project manager) program and CM@ Risk programs. Karnack says new puppets already lining up to unseat the Big Cheese Lady. Karnack says Cheese supporters jumping ship. Karnack says more sending out signals to oppose all of the incumbents. Karnack says it will be a race to see who hits the door first, capital staff or the puppets and their facilitators. Karnack says the train has left the station. Karnack says the locomotive breath is all around us. Karnack foretold it would be the puppets themselves shoveling the coal.

August 9, 2009: Karnack says this is called welfare for the rich. Karnack says this county is best in class at raiding the public trough through emotionally charged issues (flames) fanned by the puppets on behalf of their masters. Karnack says sitsonhishands has made it all possible. Karnack says this county is an example of what can happen to a species when their natural predator is removed. Karnack says the puppeteers have been allowed to rape and pillage without fear of capture, until there is nothing but a vast wasteland of jackals and hyenas looking for food scraps. Karnack says soon they will turn on each other. Karnack says the evolutionary process is inevitable.

September 23, 2009 [the morning this blog broke the story on the FBI arresting Gallagher and Eggelletion]: All aboard.


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