The Ponzi Note -- and a New Player

First, I want to bring to your attention a man who sources say was a major player in bringing big money from New York into Scott Rothstein's Ponzi: Ari Glass.

Glass is president of Platinum Management, a hedge fund that reportedly loaned George Levin's fund, Banyon, some $50 million for the scheme. I've already examined Platinum's chair, Meir "Mark" Nordlicht, who has a sketchy history in the world of high finance. Also connected to Nordlicht is another hedge-funder, Murray Huberfeld, whose fund Centurion loaned at least $30 million to Levin for the scheme, according to reports.

Sources say Glass was the front man in the dealings with Rothstein and that the two men visited with each other, at times with their wives, in New York.

I'll be doing some research but thought I'd give some of you guys a head start. Now, for entertainment's sake, here's my favorite work from Model Citizen:

Unfortunately, couldn't run it large enough for some of the finer work, like the authentic Scott Rothstein signature in place of the treasurer's on the left hand side there and his title as "President, What A Wonderful World." And in the upper left is Rothstein's unofficial slogan, "Money Never Sleeps, Motherfucker."

MC added a blinking twitch to this one. Not sure why, but I think I like the original fake note a little better. Rothstein's smugness is fully intact. You can check that out after the jump.

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