The Seven Best YouTubers Based in Florida

The wacky world of YouTubers is saturated with weird, interesting, funny, and bizarre channels. And then there's the YouTubers based in South Florida. From a couple of young girls who introduced the world to chongas to a lady who invented an exercise where you basically trot around like a horse to a quirky bodybuilder who attracts thousands, South Florida-based YouTubers are, well, very Florida.

It's hard to figure how one becomes a YouTube star, and some are bigger than others. But the internet is a strange, fickle place. One minute, you're a sock puppet with a mustache; the next, you have thousands upon thousands of fans subscribing to your channel. Some are so intriguing, they've had entire features written about them. That's wacky. 

Here now are the seven best South Florida-based YouTubers and what makes them so quintessentially Florida

7. Stupid South Florida Drivers 
Really, all this is is a YouTube channel of one South Florida man who likes to film bad drivers and then yell expletives about them. It's a fascinating watch, mainly because the guy seems a bit unhinged. Yet you know you can't really blame him, because South Florida drivers are the worst. Is this real? Is it performance art in the guise of a YouTube channel? That's up to you to decide. But one thing is clear: This is all very Florida.

6. Nina Santiago
Nina is a former stripper turned YouTube celeb with 149,694 subscribers. But more than that, she's the former wife of former Miami Dolphin Morlon Greenwood. And that's significant only because Nina, whose real name is Denisse Muniztorres, has taken to her YouTube channel to call out her ex-husband on some stuff. While most of her videos are Nina trying food or just acting silly, the standout vids are of Nina taking her spat with Greenwood public. Things came to a head last week when Nina was arrested on charges of child neglect and aggravated assault without the intent to kill after she allegedly pointed a gun at her boyfriend. As police were surrounding her home, Nina made a video where she tearfully blamed Greenwood, as well as her family, for her being in this position. She also said he was a "piece of shit" and revealed some sexually explicit acts Greenwood supposedly enjoys. Nina also revealed that she's bisexual. Unfortunately, those videos have since been taken down, but you can read about the whole saga here.

5. Jason Genova
Jason Genova is one of the rising stars in the fitness YouTube community. But he's so much more than that. He talks up getting buff but also isn't above jumping into random impersonations like Yoda, which is both jarring and fascinating. Genova is also the subject of one of the most interesting feature stories New Times has produced in some time. 

4. Chonga Girls
Hey girl heyyy... the Chonga Girls are the nuttiest, if not the most insufferable, pair you'll ever find on YouTube. But they're a big deal. Mainly because they're credited with making the word "chonga" a big deal with their videos that make fun of local girls who wear too much makeup, black liner lipstick, and tons of goop in their hair. The two girls — who are not actually "chongas" — are quite brilliant in their portrayal of a small section of mall rats you'll run into from time to time. They're brilliant actresses who have claimed their niche on the internet in the craziest way possible. 

3. Pepe Billete 
He's a puppet with a cartoonish Cuban accent who says "pinga" a lot.

People find it hilarious. His YouTube channel is a pretty big deal. 

2. The Prancercise Lady
This lady and her bizarre exercise dance craze was so huge when first introduced to the world in 2013, New Times covered it for an entire feature article. Because what's more Florida than a random woman who starts a worldwide movement of people getting fit by trotting around public places like a horse?

1. Venus the Two-Toned Cat
In 2014, your Facebook timeline was inundated with Venus the cat and her half-black, half-orange face and different-colored eyes. You couldn't miss it. People love cat videos and weird shit, and so Venus' two-toned face was the perfect storm of oddness and cuteness — a viral internet sensation. And with that, the requisite Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as the inevitable line of two-toned merch. Interestingly, Venus' YouTube channel videos are boring as hell. They're mostly just videos of her doing everyday cat stuff. And yet, you can't look away. It's fascinating. And, in our opinion, a million times more interesting than a puppet that says "pinga."  
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