The Subway Sandwich That Didn't Stop a Robbery in Weston

The marginally palatable prospect of a Subway sandwich is largely to blame for the escape of two thieves from the Seminole Travel Center in Weston, pictured above. The success of the robbery itself? Well, that you can blame on the unlocked safe in the owner's office.

A Broward Sheriff's Office release describes two men who on July 10 paid a visit to the travel center, which lies just north of Griffin Road where it meets the Everglades. The first to enter was, based on the surveillance video, looking around for what BSO believed to be a criminal opportunity, finding it behind the unlocked door of the owner's office. From the release:

The thief removed thousands of dollars in cash from the unlocked safe. During this time, his accomplice walked into the convenience store and proceeded toward the Subway counter. He was ordering a sub when the first suspect casually left the office and approached him, motioning for them to leave. The first suspect exited the store first, the second followed not far behind. They drove away in what was possibly a black Dodge Charger with dark tinted windows.

It's easy to imagine the brief debate that took place at the Subway counter.

Thief: I just stole thousands of dollars from the safe. Let's go!
Accomplice: But I just ordered a sub.
Thief: Yeah, from Subway.
Accomplice: Good point. Let's bounce.

Had the accomplice lingered longer at the counter, maybe this duo gets discovered. So may I suggest the travel center upgrade to a Firehouse Subs? That and, again, safes work a lot better when they're locked.

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