The Timeliest, Most Entertaining, Mudslinging Ad We've Seen This Halloween Season

Both Halloween and the election are fast approaching, making  this a very spooky week, with unexpected twists and turns lurking ahead. Far in advance of the October 31 holiday, Christine O'Donnell, the Tea Party candidate for Delaware Senate, revealed "I am not a witch" (provoking awesome parodies), and now the holiday spirit emerges once again, in an attack ad against Florida Senate Candidate Ellyn Bogdanoff, nicknamed the "angel of death" -- a term that's either a gold mine, an embarrassment, or a "maverick"-type easy target (depending on your political stance and sense of humor). Elections are largely decided by how much ammo -- real or embellished -- the other party has in its advertising weaponry, so it's no surprise the Democratic Party took her polarizing nickname, aimed, and fired. The resulting attack ad is after the jump.

Voters, do your homework. She could be -- you know, a witch. Or, all of this may be a little over-the-top. That's for you to decide.

For the sake of fairness, check this out as well. Here, Bogdanoff comes off a little differently.

You may leave this commercial thinking, "Aw, hell yeah, maybe she even bakes cupcakes." But then remember, her record might be "reEeeAlly scary".

Anyway, do some research, make up your mind, then go ahead and vote like this:

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