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The Top Five Rothstein Posts, Adderley, and Witchcraft

-- OK, I told you I was going to tell you when the Rothstein Ponzi posts broke a million hits -- and that happened Thursday. Here are the Top 5 most clicked posts since November 1, when it began:

5. The Women of RRA. (I think the reason this one got so much traffic was because it went up Thanksgiving weekend and was up there a lot longer than other posts.)  

4. Rothstein Claimed to Have Incriminating Photos of Pulp (Didn't expect this one to be up here; also a weekend post.)

3. Rothstein Emails Detail Debra Villegas' Role

2. The Rothstein Information, Boiled Down

1. The initial Kendall Coffey post in which the lawyer confirmed on November 1 that Scott Rothstein had "victimized" investors.

Since the Coffey post was the one that really broke the story with confirmation, I think it's fitting it hit the top spot.  

-- One of the biggest jokes in this thing so far is that the City of Fort Lauderdale is supposedly "investigating" Police Chief Frank Adderley's actions in the Moe Sohail Bentley crash. The idea that the city will investigate the chief in a professional or responsible way is ludicrous.

It's more than obvious that Adderley was swept up into Rothstein's seductive

orbit. The guy was a regular at Bova Prime and allowed his most trusted officers to protect Rothstein in the lucrative detail. One Bova employee, a proven source, told me about how Adderley and Rothstein met regularly, often with a hug. On one Saturday earlier this fall, Adderley came to the Bova bar early for a Florida Gators game. The bar wasn't open, but Rothstein came over and let Adderley take a seat, and the two of them hung out. Rothstein left, but Adderley stayed at the bar until 10 p.m. "getting fucked up," the employee told me.

The Police Department looks like a joke, but what else is new? The standards are very low for our own Frauderdale 911. The idea that Mayor Jack Seiler will get to the bottom of it is laughable. It's been confirmed that Seiler, once a proficient athlete, lost his entire backbone in a gruesome political accident. Worse, he stopped looking for it after he was elected mayor. 

The truth is that the unholy personal relationship among Scott Rothstein, Adderley, and Adderley's entire department should disqualify the chief from further service. And this is after Adderley's wife tried to kill him with his own service pistol after she found out he was cheating on her. I'm sure Adderley is a nice guy, but what does a police chief have to do to lose his job around here? 


First it clearly shows that she was a knockout in high school, crushing rumors to the contrary. Second, it's got some weird Wiccan, AKA witchcraft, shit written in there by Wendell. 

It starts in the top left corner with a pentagram, the symbol of Wicca and witchcraft. She thanks her "M.O. and her 'guides'" and "Goddess." I looked up "Tylwyth Teg"; that refers to Welsh fairies and is something that has been incorporated into various Wiccan traditions. Of course, you also have your incense and oils and that crescent moon thing. Then there's some sort of weird chant at the end: "Merry Meet, Merry Part, Merry Meet Again," followed by another pentagram-like figure.

Looks like she got into it via her mom, who started the Earth Wisdom shop in Davie, where Kim worked during her 20s, using her spiritual powers to heal people and such.

I think we can safely say that Scott Rothstein married a woman well-trained in the art of witchcraft. And here you thought there wouldn't be another worthy twist.

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