The Wronged Man

Layne Nisenbaum, the high-society dermatologist, is getting some attention. Since the 1980s, he has been Foley's not-so-secret boyfriend. The Palm Beach Post's Jose Lambiet managed to speak briefly with Nisenbaum for Wednesday's newspaper. Nisenbaum told Lambiet:

"Well, I (emphasis on I) didn't do anything. Why are you calling me?"

When pressed, Nisenbaum told the newspaper that he couldn't comment.

Steve Rothaus at the Miami Herald also wrote up Nisenbaum on his Herald blog on Monday:

"Single or partnered? I was at the same social gathering as Tobias three years ago, a South Beach birthday party. A friend introduced me to a couple at the party, Mark Foley and Layne Nisenbaum. Foley told me that he and Layne

had been partners for 19 years.

He notes that this was a few months before I wrote about Foley. I'm a little surprised by this admission from Rothaus, since it was my understanding that, as Lambiet wrote in Wednesday's newspaper, the two weren't quite so forthcoming about their relationship. I mean, here he is blabbing about it to a reporter. I suspect Rothaus must have gone off the record, but he doesn't really explain. Bottom line is that Rothaus should have written about it. But then again maybe he wouldn't have been invited to any more of those parties.

In the relationship, it looks like Foley had the power and Nisenbaum had the money. Foley, according to Lambiet, paid 330 and change for a condo in Fort Pierce last year while records that I found on-line show that Nisenbaum paid $2 million for a Palm Beach home on Bradley Place in 2003.

Anyway, this is starting to get a little too gossipy for my taste. To conclude I want to point you to a photograph in the Palm Beach Post from 1990. You have to go to the site to see it. On the home page, click on photos in the Foley package. Then click through until you see the one where he's hugging a woman. The cutline:

"1990: Republican candidate Mark Foley is greeted by his girlfriend, Julieann Rico, as he enters his sister's home in Lake Worth."

Her dark hair is right under his chin in the embrace, just like a beard.

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