These Local High Schools Dominated the Mannequin Challenge

It all started on October 26, when a high school student in Jacksonville uploaded a video to Twitter that showed her and her friends frozen in action poses, looking like store mannequins. Kids at other nearby high schools found it funny and rushed to make their own.

Since then, the mannequin challenge has gone viral. It’s been copied by everyone from pro athletes to Broadway stars to prison inmates. And now that the Miami-Dade Police Department has done its own mannequin challenge, it’s safe to say that this meme has peaked. So let’s take a moment and remember how it all began: with a bunch of bored (but highly creative) teenagers.

Here are the local high schools that pulled off the best mannequin challenges:

1. Flanagan High School
Flanagan's HOSA club for future premed and nursing students went all out for this one: There's one girl who's fainting, another who's getting the Heimlich maneuver, and yet another who appears to be getting CPR.  

2. Coral Springs High School
Shoutout to Coral Springs for keeping it real: They recreated a girl-on-girl fight scene, complete with the kids lining up to film it on their cell phones.

3. Hollywood Hills High School
The flag football team used the mannequin challenge as an ingenious form of viral advertising to promote  their car wash. Someone hire them ASAP. 

4. Boca High School
Boca High's cheerleading team is no joke. You have to be very, very athletic to hold some of these poses for more than ten seconds.

5. Miramar High School

The boy's basketball team's take on the mannequin challenge gets off to a slow start, but the guy at the end who's hanging from the basket makes it all worth watching.

6. J.P. Taravella High School
Drama kids obviously have an unfair advantage over everyone else, since they have props and costumes at their disposal. But you've still got to give credit where credit is due — this clearly required an impressive amount of coordination. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.