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Thousands Attend Suncoast Gun Show Over the Weekend

Thousands of people decided to spend their weekend standing in long lines at the Fort Lauderdale War Memorial that stretched out into the parking lot so they can look at guns and then buy them.

The annual Suncoast Gun Show was held on Saturday and Sunday, and people came in droves.

And why not?

Any day now, the government is going to start going door-to-door demanding that people turn in their guns.

So let's stockpile our personal arsenal! Because pumping out 200 rounds of armor-piercing ammunition into a baby deer within a minute is my right as an Amurrrican, dammit!

The gun show saw huge crowds. And while the vendors inside are forced to operate by conducting identification and background checks, the private sellers inside the auditorium, as well as those lingering around the parking lot, have ways to circumvent all that pesky background-check nonsense.

Those attending say the demand for guns has risen and the prices have gone up -- particularly for semiautomatic rifles -- all thanks to Sandy Hook and the government likely putting in stricter gun laws (ha. ha. ha. stricter gun laws. good one, everybody).

Many attendees worry the regulations and bans may make it harder for them to buy guns.

"That's why everyone is here, trying to get them while we still can," Blum said.

Blum took home a shotgun for just under $400, but vendors say prices like that are hard to come by and it's common to pay double for some firearms.

"Just like in any other market when something happens in the world and gasoline prices spike," said vendor George Montanez. "[The] same thing happens in the firearms market, prices spike, [there are] shortages."

Fuel for your car. Weapons that only highly trained Marines should be allowed to carry and use. SAME DIFF, BRO.

Meanwhile, gun-control activists say they want a universal background check to include sales between private individuals at gun shows. They're also proposing a law that requires thorough background checks for sales at gun shows and for not renting out public buildings -- like the War Memorial -- for these kinds of events.

The mayor of Fort Lauderdale seems to agree with that one.

Ah, but things like people owning guns with no regulations and gun shows will soon be a thing of the past!

No, really!

The signs are all there! Lookit:

Government restrictions that will likely come down to a shitload of compromises forced on Obama by the NRA, an annual gun show that makes it rain cash for Fort Lauderdale every year, and a mayor who makes a frowny face at gun shows being held in public auditoriums.


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