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Todd Akin's Dumbass Rape Comments Could Affect Florida Races

In a televised interview on Sunday, U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin of Missouri said victims of "legitimate rape" rarely get pregnant. He then explained this by saying something about how a woman's body magically saves the victim from getting pregnant from their attacker. Or something. Illegitimate rape victims are another story, then?


Point is, Akin is an asshole. And now Democrats everywhere are linking Republicans to Akin's comments, trying to persuade the outcome in several congressional races, including Florida.

For their part, Republican leaders here and across the country are attacking Akin themselves, distancing themselves from the congressman and suddenly pretending like they give a crap about women.

The Dems have been on the attack:

In the 16th Congressional District, Sarasota Democrat Keith Fitzgerald used the controversy to criticize Republican Rep. Vern Buchanan for co-sponsoring legislation in 2011 that would have barred federal funding of abortions. That legislation, The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, at one point had a stated exception for "forcible rape" that eventually was removed from the bill and rewritten without the word "forcible."

Meanwhile, the DNC is filling their convention speakers's list with women.

Republicans are saying the Democrats use of the Akin story to trump up support and funding are "cynical" and "desperate."

Oh, hey, speaking of desperate, Mitt Romney publicly asked Akin to step down from his race to the Senate (Akin was all, pffft... yea, ok, sure, guy).

RoboRomney's running mate, and The Villages' best bud, Paul Ryan also urged Akin to quit.

Left out in all this "quit" talk is the fact that Ryan actually co-sponsored legislation with Akin "to limit federal funding for abortion to victims of 'forcible rape."

Shocking? Yes! Except that, no.

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