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Top Four Racist YouTube Rants by Stupid Young People

​The Palm Beach County School District is all atwitter today over a racist video posted to YouTube by two girls from Santaluces High School. We'll never know what made them think it was a good idea to post a public video on the internet saying, "I don't like black people. They're annoying. They stink. They're ugly," but the reaction has been swift.

In addition to myriad response videos ("This must be the racist white girl apocalypse") going online, one Twitter user said that the girls' contact information was being disseminated online and that there were rumors of "cracka beatdowns" at Santaluces. Yes, the girls are young and stupid, but they absolutely should have known better -- not only is this not the first time people have been busted for internet racism; it's not the first time this month. IN FLORIDA. Here are four embarrassingly racist videos that blew up after being posted online.

4. The Anti-Asian UCLA Student
Pretty tame, in comparison to others -- some California college student whining about "hordes of Asian people" on her campus. It's OK, though -- she said the complaints weren't directed toward her friends, "I mean it towards random people that I don't even know in the library."

3. The Santaluces High Giggleracists

This is higher on the list than the UCLA woman because she at least tried to justify her prejudices with being legitimately annoyed by people in the library. No dice here. For more on these two, check out our post from earlier today.

2. The Gainesville High Tell-It-Like-It-Is Crew
Beats the Santaluces video for having manufactured statistics and a more extensive presentation. This one happened earlier this month, up north in Gainesville. Two girls posted what appears to be their second racist video, which includes gems like:
Why can't they fucking talk right? I hate that. We are talking normal. We talk with very eligible -- is that the right word? I meant, I meant, we are talking with, what is the fucking word... You can understand what we are saying. Our accents, we use actual words.
One girl (who says she's Cuban but lives in a "really nice white neighborhood") does most of the talking; the other one is some kind of doofy Jim Crow hypeman, agreeing righteously when the ringleader says welfare demographics are skewed because "up north, there are not a lot of black people... there are barely any black people there."

Neither of them are students at Gainesville High anymore. Happy Black History Month!

1. The Arizona Racist White Ladies
After being posted (and taken down) last year, a video of two Arizona women telling all Mexicans to "leave this fucking country" and "God, that's all I wanna do, just blow you motherfuckers away" was reposted last month and caused a freakout at a Scottsdale high school when it was rumored the video was made by students at the school.

A 11-minute apology purportedly from the women was posted shortly after; they said they should be "held responsible" and then "we are not racist." One woman said she cried. Boo hoo.

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