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Tour Of The Set of The Office, Help Haiti

One lucky man or woman will get to leave the soured confines of his or her office to go to Hollywood, mingle with celebrities, and hang out at, well, an office. All to help Planting Peace, a South Florida-based charity benefiting Haiti.

It's not just an office. The Office. The set of the wry, witty NBC staple, set in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Though the show films in Southern California, the set itself is an exact replica of an actual office building somewhere in the Keystone State.

Oh, and the tour of the set will be hosted by Rainn Wilson, aka Dwight Schrute. And all you have to do to be that lucky man or woman is...

bid heavily on the auction. Right now the starting bid is $6,000. But the money goes to a good cause.

The benefits go to Planting Peace, a favorite charity of Wilson's. Organized by Aaron Jackson, Planting Peace will be putting the money it earns toward helping Haitians left homeless after the recent earthquake, among other Haiti-related causes.

These are the details of the auction, which closes late February 12, are:

The winner of this auction item and three (3) guests will be given a tour of THE OFFICE set in Los Angeles and will get to watch scenes being filmed for an actual episode.

Winner and three (3) guests:

  • must be 18 years of age or older
  • must provide their own transportation to the lot.
  • must sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • are aware the availability of the set visit is subject to the production schedule (the winner will be given a list of dates from which to choose).
  • understand that if production of THE OFFICE is canceled prior to the winner's set visit, NBC Universal (NBCU) will make reasonable efforts to provide a set visit to the winner and three (3) guests on another NBCU show filmed in Los Angeles, California.
  • understand that no photography is allowed.
  • must wear appropriate footwear to walk on the set tour (no sandals, flip-flops, or open-toed shoes permitted).

The set visit will include a tour of the set and time in the VIP Green Room to watch filming of a scene. The set visit will last approximately two hours.

Comments from Planting Peace founder and president, Aaron Jackson forthcoming.

Meanwhile, a video of Rainn Wilson and several stars of The Office discussing Planting Peace here.

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