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Tropical Storm -- or Hater -- Demolishes "Goodman" Sign Near Scott Wilson Crash Site

When Mother Nature swept into town yesterday, she made a statement: The big, block-lettered "Goodman" sign -- three miles down Lake Worth Road from where polo mogul John Goodman allegedly crashed into and killed Scott Wilson -- fell flat on its face.

Could it have been a Juice reader or a Wellington resident who didn't like the constant reminder of Goodman, who recently waived his right to a speedy trial?

Maybe. After all, the adjacent campaign signs for Laurie Cohen and Tami Donnally are still standing tall and proud.

Earlier this week, I reported that the signs were for Palm Beach circuit court judge candidate Jaimie Goodman. His spokesman said that Jaimie has no relation to John, and the shared last name was "unfortunate." Furthermore, Jaimie Goodman's campaign had hired a service to post the signs and thus did not choose the location awkwardly close to John Goodman's fatal accident.

"Obviously, we wouldn't want to be insensitive," said his spokesperson.

However, the campaign had no immediate plans to move the sign, and if it were to remove it, I'm sure it wouldn't just knock it over. Suspect number one remains wily 'ol Tropical Storm Bonnie, but with those other signs still upright, one has to wonder. More photos:

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