The Ladies Man

True Love Will Out

Who knew that Hollywood mega-lobbyist Alan Koslow was such a romantic? We had heard about his stormy extra-marital love affair with Hollywood Gazette publisher Meredith Brown, one that involved her dramatic leap of faith (off a boat in the Intracoastal), an injunction for protection, an unplanned trip to a mental institution, and, ultimately, felony stalking charges filed by Koslow against Brown.

Last fall, Koslow made the decision to return to his wife and the mother of his three kids. But apparently he's had a change of heart. The lobbyist, whose influence with Mayor Mara Giulianti has parlayed him a fortune, has been spotted around town -- most notably at the city-sponsored Super Saturday in the Sand party on Super Bowl weekend -- with the Gazette editor. Well-placed sources say he has moved out of his marital home, rejoined Brown, and is in the process of undoing the injunction and the aggravated stalking count (which remains open) against her.

The stalking charge seemed dubious from the get-go and it was obvious that Koslow used his clout with the city to have Brown first Baker-Acted, then jailed. I don't think she really deserved either. Now, I honestly can't figure out which one of them is crazier.

Crazier in love, that is.

After the Jump: A Few Should-Reads

-- Michael Mayo's column on some questionable comments made by Broward Chief Judge Dale Ross in court. Not outrageous, just interesting.

-- Larry Lebowitz's Streetwise column on the Everglades Skyway concept -- which I hadn't heard about until this column. It sounds like a magnificent project. I know it's hackneyed to say it, but I couldn't help but think about all that good Florida-generated money going to Iraq when I read this.

-- Dianna Smith's story in the Palm Beach Post on a burned-down, largely forgotten bar in Delray Beach. This is a short-and-sweet ditty that makes a place -- and history -- come alive. (Man, I'm getting corny this morning -- but it is a stellar little piece).

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