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Two Monsters Collide: Jeffrey Dahmer vs. Ottis Toole

Dahmer and Toole Lurk In This Rogues Gallery

The Primetime show on the Jeffrey Dahmer-Adam Walsh theory didn't dissapoint. If you missed it, then read about it here. My thoughts on the case are clear. A few things that stick out from the half-hour segment narrated by the Cuomo boy:

1. The Hollywood Police Department needs to get off its ass and conduct extensive tests on the meter room behind the sub shop where Dahmer worked. Note to Hollywood police Capt. Mark Smith: You can redeem yourself, if not the department. It's not too late. Do the right thing and you might not go down in history as one of the great bunglers of our time.

I contacted Arthur Jay Harris, the Broward true crime writer who dug up all the Dahmer evidence, after the show and here's what he e-mailed the Pulp about

the meter room:

"Some police authority -- and Hollywood is obviously not interested -- must do the remainder of the crime scene search in that meter room. There is also a crawlspace in it -- and Dahmer used a crawlspace under his house in 1978 to chop up his first body. There's a list of cops who need prodding -- why won't they do it? And of course [John] Walsh. Is this info so worthless to him that the room needs no checking?"

2. Yes, Walsh. John Walsh seems to be in complete recalcitrant denial. He had an ex-cop and friend named Joe Matthews blathering on there -- in an almost angry fashion -- about having proof that Ottis Toole did it. But police, who once embraced that theory, have ruled him out (and Toole, a notorious confessor to crimes he didn't commit, recanted twice about Adam). Unlike Dahmer, it can't even be proved he was in the area. And the odds that Toole and Dahmer were at the Hollywood Mall at the same time on the day Adam was abducted are just too long for me to believe.

3. Art Harris deserves a medal. Unbelievable work.

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