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UCF Halts All Fraternity and Greek Life Activities

The University of Central Florida has halted fraternity and sorority activities in order to get a handle on the multiple reports of hazing and alcohol abuse among frats, and that so, as the school puts it, "Greek culture reflects the values of the UCF Creed."

In 2011 UCF's Sigma Chi was placed on disciplinary probation after 18-year-old Ann Hefferin, a freshman at UCF, died after a fraternity party where alcohol was served to underaged students.

In 2008, two UCF frats were accused of hazing, with a possible death connected to one of them.

In December of last year, the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity was placed on disciplinary probation for hazing.

Frats will be permitted to hold organizational business meetings, while participation in philanthropic activities must be approved by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

All other social, new-member education or initiation activities have been suspended.

"I understand this action will not be popular," Vice President of Student Development and Enrollment Services Fraternity and Sorority Life Maribeth Ehasz said.

"Some may ask, 'Why are we being punished when we have done nothing wrong?' It is true that there are many model fraternity and sorority chapters at UCF. The community can seize this opportunity to be part of the solution, and I believe this decision will produce a thorough and timely change."

The university recently suspended Sigma Chi and Alpha Epsilon Pi after allegations of hazing and alcohol-related misconduct were reported. School officials have also found that Greek organizations have been violating hazing rules and breaking alcohol-related restrictions in recent months.

An advisory committee composed of faculty members, students, alumni, and others was created to "generate feedback and recommendations that will strengthen Greek Life at UCF."

Students and parents are being directed to a web page set up by the university for more information.

UCF is the largest public university in Florida.

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