UPDATED: Breslaw Responds to Being Tossed From Race

This just came across the Pulp transom: Broward Palm Beach Circuit Judge Edward Garrison today struck now-former judicial candidate Jordan Howard Breslaw from the ballot, writing in a court order that he is using the name Breslaw after abandoning it in 1991 was simply a ploy to pander for the Jewish vote.

Breslaw changed his name to Jordan Howard Jordan in 1991 and had used that last name until he decided to run against Broward County Judge Mary Rudd Robinson this year, Garrison found, writing in his order that it was a "thinly veiled attempt to deceive and confuse the voters of Broward County." 

Garrison issued an

"emergency permanent" injunction to forbid the Breslaw name to appear on the ballot. UPDATE: Breslaw contacted the Pulp and said that this was just "Round 1," that he has a right to use his birth name, and that he will appeal the decision. Read the full response after the jump. 

"[Breslaw-Jordan] contends that he never abandoned the name BRESLAW, and that he has always been proud of his Jewish faith and family heritage, which he has traced back to the early 1800s," Garrison wrote in his order. "Yet his two children bear the name JORDAN, and he used the name JORDAN in

Breslaw wrote this strong response to the order in an email to the Pulp:

Dear Mr. Bob Norman:
I read your article on your website and as a courtesy to you and your readers I am responding. Breslaw vs. Robinson is substantially similar to the case of Pedro Dijols vs. Mardi Anne Levey. Mardi Anne Levey, Candidate for Judge in 2008, adopted the name Mardi Levey Cohen upon marriage and subsequent common usage. The trial court ruled Mardi Anne Levey did not qualify because she allegedly did not use the name Mardi Anne Levey in business or in her private life. However, the Appellate Court reversed the lower court's decision and correctly placed her on the ballot. 
Florida law provides that a woman does not lose her birth name upon marriage. When a man petitions for a name change, he does not lose his birth name. A name change is not a legal substitution of your birth name, it is an entitlement to use the new name. When a corporation files for a fictitious name, and uses the fictitious name to conduct business, the corporation does not lose its name. Moreover, there is no law in Florida that provides you can ever abandon a birth name. Your birth name is your birth right. It's an integral part of your identity. I have a First Amendment Right to my surname and I am entitled to equal protection of the law. Unfortunately, there was absolutely no legal basis for the Court's ruling today and we submitted numerous documents evidencing the name "BRESLAW".  Today's legal battle and injustice is merely Round 1... "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!" 

Dr. Jordan Howard Breslaw, Esq.
Broward County Judicial Candidate; Group #14

Garrison's order followed a hearing this morning in the suit brought by Robinson's attorney, Bill Scherer.

Will try to get response from Breslaw, who wrote the now-infamous book "How to Raise Millionaire Children" and also has worked as a chiropractor.

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