UPDATED: The pill mill problem in Broward County may have just hit a new low. 

UPDATED: BSO Sgt., Wife, Hit With Oxy Trafficking Charges

Today, Broward Sheriff's Office Sgt. John Goodbread, 42, and his wife, 37-year-old Heather, were arrested on charges of Oxycontin trafficking and prescription fraud and booked into the Palm Beach County Jail. ​

Goodbread was arrested by a fellow deputy on a warrant and transported late this afternoon to the Palm Beach Jail for booking.

A Sun-Sentinel database indicates Goodbread, as a sergeant, earned more than $104,000, with overtime, in 2009. For a look at the database, which includes some pretty eye-popping annual pay, click here. More details on this as they come.

-- OK, it's Friday and there are lots of leads, but nothing is ripe, so let's talk for a moment about the BSO babes.

The deputies featured on TLC's The Police Women of Broward County are now hitting the beach and stripping down on camera to their bikinis. It makes fine TV -- T & A always sells -- but is this really what Sheriff Al Lamberti had in mind when he signed off on the show? 

You may or may not like the Fox series Cops, which BSO also pioneered, but that show seemed to be about the actual work of law enforcement (and the requisite voyeuristic jollies derived from the follies of street criminals and drunken trailer folk). This new show seems more and more about developing a cult of celebrity around some of the women, especially Andrea Penoyer, the blonde and buxom BSO deputy who led the recent beach frolic.

Inside, see the beach clip, which includes not only Penoyer but also Dep. Tina Lacertosa (of aggravated felonies) and Erica Huerta, the BSO deputy (and part-time fitness model) who recently posed as a prostitute to bust former politico Vicente Thrower. Is it a meaningful glimpse into the real life of the deputies or a badge-demeaning ploy for ratings?

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