UPDATED: Was Wade's Play on Rondo Dirty?

Answer inside, with video. 

UPDATED: I just noticed Rondo's left arm action. I had been focusing on Wade's right arm as instigating the fall. Wrong. Watch as Rondo pulls on Wade's waist


Wade hook-sweeps him to the floor. Thanks to NotEvenaHeatFan for opening my eyes. 

It's true Wade took down Rondo with him -- and hard -- but it was the latter who got the action going in that direction. That changes my perspective. I think this is a first-time event: I'm going to take it back.

The answer is no. 

Mistakes were made by both players. It's even. Rondo got the worst of it -- bad luck for him. 

Now it's time to really piss off Boston fans... by beating them on their floor in Game 4. 

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