Vanilla Ice Jumps a Monster Truck On a Motorcycle

Yesterday morning, in a dirt lot off Okeechobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach, I witnessed Vanilla Ice (real name Rob Van Winkle) jump over a jacked-up Monster Truck with about 10 people in the bed. Ice, who lives in Wellington and has ridden professionally, was on a buddy's dirtbike.

This is not footage of that jump. This is a scene from the Cool as Ice, the 1991 remake of Rebel Without a Cause, starring Vanilla Ice as a motorcycle-riding bad boy who courts a woman on a horse. Details on the jump, after...the, um, jump.

It was all part of an on-air radio stunt from the Wild Morning Show on 95.5 WLDI. The truck was a new beast owned by Vanillca Ice's good buddy Wes Kain. Standing in the bed was Jason, a host on the show, and the "Snack Pack." One man dressed up as Abe Lincoln and carrying a 12-pack of Bud Light. "Drinkin' Lincoln," he said as he introduced himself to me. "Great to meet ya!" Kain was also in the bed when Rob jumped over; he was shooting fire balls into the air behind the bike.

The segment aired yesterday morning immediately following a trainwreck of an interview with Rob Schneider. Ice dedicated the jump to "F Rob Schneider."

He took a few practice jumps without the truck or the jumping drunks. Then everyone hopped into the bed as cameras set up from several different angles. Then Vanilla Ice took three jumps over the group, clearing them safely every time.

On the last jump though, he landed awkwardly on the top of a dirt hill. The impact rattled his entire body, though he played it off at the time.

Afterwards, as he was taking off his pads and helmet and everyone was looking at photos and video of the stunt, Ice admitted the landing stung like a bitch. "I'm definitely going to feel that tomorrow," he said. "But when you feel the pain, that's how you remember you had a good time."

We have fantastic photos of the stunt, but because of weird art department rules at New Times, I couldn't post them here. I will put up video of from the event when the station is done editing.

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